The Urban Country Estate

Walking into the garden of Rush Grove feels like walking into your own private Garden of Eden, it is so astonishing this is actually located in South East London, within the busy city life. You will not only be surprised by the calmness you'll feel but also the aroma of nature. It's a feeling you get when you decide to take time off from the busy city life and head to a National park. You don’t have to be a nature lover to admire the blossoming beauty of Rush Grove's grounds – the wide range of colours, wildlife and the magnificent lake is enough to make you feel at peace. 

Feeling the fauna & flora

The beautiful and colourful butterflies roaming from one end of the garden to the other is such a beautiful sight – some even stopping by to greet you with the honey bees gently humming in the background, going about their work.

Once you approach the lake, you can hear the sound of crickets whilst watching the ducks playing and racing each other. You can sit on a bench facing the lake and get lost in the nature and peace or you can go for a stroll around the lake which feels like an adventure. The tall long leaves and trees surrounding this oasis makes you really appreciate the privacy of the woodland environment.


Rush Grove House, Rush Grove Street, Woolwich, London SE18 5DD